Julnawrimo: Day One

Word count: 1,891. I've had worse sessions.

I have two projects I plan to complete during the month of writing like a madwoman. I know if I don't get them done this month, they won't get done for a long time, because the fall schedule is brutal. However, I'm going to have to dig out my old wrist brace, because Ye Olde Wrist is aching something fierce and it's just the first day.

Once those projects are done, I'm kind of at loose ends. There's a number of things I can choose to do, but none that are contracted.

I could write the final novel of the Blackfire series and tell y'all how Major Sara Harvey's battles with the zombies end up. That series is out of print and we're down to three copies of The Cold Ones.  If I do write the final part, I might try to repackage it in a compendium edition as we did with the three vampire novels for Nocturne Infernum.

I could write the next vampire novel. Outlines for at least three more books exist, and were compiled many years ago before Cerridwen Press melted into that printing press in the sky. I guess that depends how many people want to know what the vampires are up to after all these years. Would you believe it's been 11 years since Nocturnal Urges came out? That one threw me for a loop.

There's the Sekrit Projekt, an amazing standalone book that has been sitting in a box waiting for its turn in the edit queue and when it comes out you guys will love it. Absolutely love it. All I have to do is a simple rewrite and it's ready to ship out.

I have this crazy idea for a serial novel. Write a continuing story, and sell it by chapters. I know myself well enough to know I'd need to write the whole "season" in advance; just the posting would happen live, not the writing. The idea intrigues me... maybe adventures of Cat the ghost hunter, or the Blackfire team... or both?

Or I can go rewrite Sanctuary again. Just kidding.