The Life of a Reporter's Son

SCENE: The car, making an unscheduled turnaround in a Main Street parking lot.

BOY: Mom, what are you doing?
ME: I'm going back.
BOY: I have to be at Scouts in fifteen minutes.
ME: We're like six blocks away. You'll make Scouts.

We pull up to the fire station, and I get out with my camera. Commence several pictures of the firefighter candidates doing "the ladder test," as they climb up to the top of the ladder truck at full extension - to see if they can physically do it, and if they'll freak out at the top.

ME: Get my iPad.
BOY: *eyes camera* Why do you need your iPad?
ME: To take notes.
BOY: You said it was just a photo!
ME: I have to get information for the caption!
BOY: *sigh* *teenage eyeroll* *retrieves iPad*
ME: Thank you.

I got the photo array. It was cool. He made Scouts. He's used to this.