Stalking Guide: Fall Edition

With Hypericon behind us, we enter a two-month lull in touring. I'm going to pretend that means I will be able to catch up the LitUnd inventory and bookkeeping, redesign and port to a new vendor, edit two books in the queue and finish rewriting Banshee's Run as I manage Julnawrimo next month.

Pause for laughter.

All those things have to be done before Labor Day, however, because I've been accepted at Dragoncon again and thus I will wend my way to Atlanta in September.

That kicks off one of the most grueling schedules I've ever set for myself. First it's Dragoncon for the Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. I'm a solo act at that one.

Then I go back home - for two days.

Then it's off to Louisville, Ky. for Imaginarium, the second weekend in September. This will likely be a Literary Underworld event, with the usual cast of characters and the Traveling Bar (of Doom).

Then back home, for three days.

I fly to Florida that Thursday (probably) for four days at Excellence in Journalism, the joint national convention for the Society of Professional Journalists and RTDNA.

I fly back, work three more days, and then it's my turn in the barrel for a weekend shift at the newspaper.

The following weekend is Archon. At least that won't involve a hotel room. Which does mean no Traveling Bar, but will definitely be a Literary Underworld event.

I share this stalking guide in part so you can catch up with me in my travels, should you wish to do so; and in part because if anybody needs anything from me, I'd suggest pitching it now. Because the next two months are the closest thing to free time I will have between now and Halloween.

And they're not entirely free; the Eville Writers' signing will be Aug. 8 at BSR Books, but it hardly seems like work when I'm not packing a suitcase. We expect to be in Memphis for the Fourth of July weekend, largely for family visits, but if you want a book, you know we deliver. :)

But suffice to say: no matter what it is, if it doesn't get done by Labor Day, it ain't getting done. Whee!