Weekend random

For the record, brain, it was not very polite of you to come up with the title and two-thirds of the plot to the next Nocturne novel at church today. Especially since we're obligated to about three more projects before we could possibly get to that one. It's gonna be kickass, though.


Day two of Waiting for Dreamhost. Something like Waiting for Godot; when something goes wrong with my website, they respond instantly, and sometimes I can even get a live chat for help. When something goes wrong with the webstore, I must post in the forum and wait for a reply.

It's been more than 24 hours and no response. If I call them, the price is $99. Waiting. Waiting... Let's make bets!


Boy: Are we doing anything Tuesday?
Me: *parabola-mouth*
Boy: What? Oh. Oh my God.
Me: *supersniffle*
Boy: It's your birthday Tuesday, isn't it.
Me: *pout*
Boy: I may have to do some shuffling. I forgot.
Me: For the record, that's the last time you get a free pass on forgetting, meanypants.
Me: *transcribes conversation for Man*
Man: That was mean.
Me: Him or me?
Man: Him. Yours was well played.
Me: I'm a mom. We have advanced degrees in guilt.


The to-do list before Midsouthcon is so long I can't even. Awaiting deliveries, ordering promo materials, assembling booth materials. This is probably one of the biggest attempts we've ever done:

• I am editor guest of honor at the show. Both of us are guest authors.
• We will have two (2) booths with a hired flunky.
• We are premiering the new book, Nocturne Infernum. (Preorder a copy!)
• My photography will be featured in the art show.
• We will be hosting the Literary Underworld Traveling Bar.
• Both boys will be sleeping on our floor.
• If we can finalize the arrangements, we will be gathering with friends for an unbirthday dinner.

So all I need to do before Thursday is finish designing the booth sign, order it, order art show prints, mat them for hanging, design and print art show sign, finish this waaay overdue editing project, design and print flyers, do hotel reservations for the Indiana signing next month, remind one person to pick up the posters and another that my books are heading to her house, upload six new titles to LitUnd, refill Boy's meds, inventory LitUnd Traveling Bar and restock, repackage and replace booth materials, write up that [redacted item that was supposed to be last week], return the cable box to Charter, receive final shipments, pack our suitcase, make restaurant reservations, confirm badge reservations, order a bed frame, get last books added to inventory and updated in system, and turn thirty-nine-plus-tax.

I think I need a bigger car. And about two more weeks. Come to the show and see what's left of me, Memphis!