Ah, the blessed relaxation of a holiday vacation. Or so I hear.

Jimmy's off work until January 6, damn him; except he volunteered for an overtime shift next weekend because we could use the cash. Ian's off school until January 2. No fair.

Me? I'm on duty at the newspaper today. At least I got a late start, since I thought I had a night meeting and it's cancelled. After work, I'll finish the tins of yummies for our friends, then Jimmy and I will go out to deliver them. I also have to make dinner, since we ate out WAY too much over the weekend and now I'm afraid of our bank account.

I also need to find time to get over the river and retrieve the box of photos that I brainlessly left at a signing. I've been searching for it, because it has all my photo stock and my Christmas cards, which I'd planned to, y'know, mail. Meanwhile the box of bookplates has vanished, of course, since they have to go out this week for the first round of Kickstarter incentives.

Somewhere in that I need to make a pie for the family gathering, start the prep work on Christmas Eve dinner and wrap Jimmy's presents without him seeing them.

Tomorrow, I'm on duty at the newspaper all day. After work I'm on kitchen detail, since we'll have our family turkey dinner that night. Then I'm singing at the 10 p.m. service (Ian's serving at the 4 p.m.). Of course there's still two more packages to get in the mail.

Christmas Day I am blessedly off work. Coffee cake and presents, snuggles with Man and Boy, then family gathering over at Dad and Karen's. Note to self: wrap Dad's present!

Then the day after Christmas, I'm back at work for a full day. After work, we're driving to Sikeston for the Exchange of Prisoners.

So this is an excellent time for me to have a really cool story idea that I have NO TIME WHATSOEVER to write. Any writing time I can wring from this week needs to go to Gethsemene, which still sucks and needs to be unsucked before it goes out to the Kickstarter Angels. I need to work up some photo arrays for a publisher that wants them for cover art. Then there's two short stories I owe, the post-Christmas sale to program for LiteraryUnderworld.com, the end-of-year bookkeeping, a couple of editing gigs looming and a half-finished novel my publisher would probably like to see before we all become grandparents.

So that nifty idea is just going to have to sit in line and wait until I have a little free time.

Which should be sometime in 2017.

There's only one solution: I need to be twins.