Groupon this

You know, I love the Bevo Mill. It's a nifty restaurant with great food inside a windmill in St. Louis. 

And their Sunday brunch buffet is something to behold. All the omelet and carving stations you can imagine, plus unlimited mimosas and did I mention the Belgian waffles? I've been there a couple times... as someone's guest.

Because $30 a head is a tad out of my price range. I'm just a humble reporter with two other jobs. 

And I love Groupon. Whenever I'm flush I'll pick one up. We love restaurants, so Groupons let us indulge, try new independent restaurants around town and keep us from breaking the bank.

A $14 Groupon for the Bevo Mill brunch. Oh, that's awesome. We'll make a day of it. Brunch, then the Botanical Gardens on a clear fall Sunday. That's my vision of perfect.

Until you read the fine print. Limit one per person makes sense; duh, it's a buffet. Limit one per TABLE? So if I have the Groupon, I have to pay full price for Jimmy and Ian? Or we can use the Groupons if we sit at different tables? Oh, I can have two at the table if there are two other adults. Great, so all we have to do is bribe another couple to spend $60 on brunch and leave the teenager in the car.

Sorry, Bevo Groupon. You had me for a whole minute. You are, in fact, awesome... but I can feed all three of us brunch at a local diner for $16. It won't be as tasty as yours, of course. But I'll still be able to pay the rent.