random morning conversation

Me: You've got this whole Javier Bardem look going on today, it's nice.
Him: Who?
Me: Javier Bardem. He's an actor. *finds picture on cell* This guy.
Him: I look nothing like him.
Me: You do too. *finds Jeffrey Dean Morgan* Actually you look even more like him.
Him: Okay, you've shown me that one before.
Me: Yeah. I'd cast him to play you in the inevitable TV-movie about us.
Him: ... no.
Me: What, don't you think we'd make a fun TV-movie? Maybe Lifetime?
Him: No.
Me: HBO? Skinimax! Bamp chicka bamp bamp.
Him: *facepalm*
Me: Sci-Fi channel?
Him: Now you're talking.

I spared him the follow-up question of who he'd cast to play me. Some things are just too cruel to do to a man.