Dragoncon Stalking Guide

In a couple of days I'll flap my wings and fly to ye olde Dragoncon, where I will be staying off-site for the first time and desperately hoping it is not a colossal error. I will be rooming with the marvelous Jay Smith of HG World fame, and with luck he will not turn out to be a serial killer.

I will have fewer costume changes than usual, due to the aforementioned off-site lodgings, so don't be expecting the ballgowns this year. Besides, I'm not sure Jay knows how to lace a corset. I'll be hanging out with my charming editor Sean Taylor, with the usual assortment of Atlantean miscreants, and probably will not meet Keith DeCandido for the seventeenth time.

Do try to find me at my autograph session or reading. For starters, I'll have books to sell. But even if you're not buying and I've signed everything you own up to and including your right arm, come see me! Free chocolate! And if you know me online, please introduce yourself! For that matter, if you've met me four times in person, still introduce yourself. Somehow my brain gets erased at con and I will just stand there saying "duh, hi" when I've probably known you for years.

For your stalking convenience, here's where you can find me this week in Atlanta:

4 p.m. - 2012: It's Here! (Westin/Vinings)

11:30 a.m. - Read All About It: Zombies in the Media (Westin/Vinings)
2:30 p.m. - Autograph Session (Marriott/M301)
7 p.m. - Stephen King's Hollywood (Hyatt/Embassy A-B)
8:30 p.m. - Heroines Among Us (Hyatt/Embassy D-F)

11:30 a.m. - Reading (Hyatt/Marietta)

10 p.m. - Castle Rock Confidential: Stephen King Update (Hyatt/Embassy A-B)

If you don't catch up with me at any of these, I may be ducking in and out of other panels to heckle my fellow authors. I might theoretically go to a party or three. If you want my books (and why wouldn't you?) you can find them at the Missing Volume, located in the Marquis Ballroom exhibition hall in the Marriott.

I have an early flight this year, departing Atlanta at oh-my-god-thirty on Monday morning. While I will not be at the show on the last day, my books will! If you miss me, you can still get my stuff from the Missing Volume.

See you at the show!