Cursed Restaurants

ME: I've got coupons for Denny's, Logan's, Caffe Avanti and the Olive Garden. Oh, and Cold Stone Creamery. Yum.
HIM: No.
ME: Sorry?
HIM: We can't go to Olive Garden.
ME: You don't like Olive Garden?
HIM: I like it fine. But every time I've taken a woman to Olive Garden we end up breaking up.
ME: *laugh* You're cursed with Olive Garden?
HIM: We are not going to Olive Garden.
ME: Hon, I'm marrying you. See, ring and everything.
HIM: I'm not taking the chance.
ME: So wait, I'm condemned to a life without Olive Garden if I marry you? I can never darken the door of Olive Garden again? This was not disclosed when you proposed.
HIM: You can go to Olive Garden all you want. I can go to Olive Garden all I want. We just can't go together.
ME: What about a large group that all wants to go to Olive Garden?
HIM: ... We can do that.
ME: What about with the kids, as if we could afford that?
HIM: That's okay. But not by ourselves, like a date.
ME: What if we're meeting a large group of people and at the last minute everyone cancels so it's just the two of us?
HIM: Then we leave.
ME: What's the worst that could happen?
HIM: We break up and don't get married!
ME: Because of Olive Garden?
HIM: Because of Olive Garden.
ME: But I like Olive Garden.
HIM: I do too. Just not with you.
ME: You are so superstitious. This is just like all those silly wedding traditions you insist we follow.*
HIM: I am taking no chances.

* Don't get me started on the whole "not seeing the bride before the wedding" thing. So exactly when are we supposed to take the pictures, I ask you...


  1. Sounds like he's really dedicated to keeping this relationship going! So happy for you!

    *Take all the him and crew pics, then all the you and crew pics before...then you have only the ones of the 2 of you and crew to do after the ceremony.

  2. You do the pics AFTER the ceramony - Geesh E - where have you been in all those weddings you were bridesmaid for? LOL

    We followed all those traditions the first time - this time when Bill and I tie the knot - we will probably walk in together - but then it will probably be a circle in the woods and not in a church either. :)

  3. I have only been a bridesmaid once, for my mother's wedding. Always a bride, never a bridesmaid! :)

  4. Lucky you! LOL

    Oh and I totally get Jimmy's Bad Olive Garden Karma... I tend to have bad Denny's Karma. Several states and several different Denny's and I get totally terrible service in all of the. The only one I've ever been in that didn't such as on Lindberg in South County.

  5. I totally agree with Kerri. That's what we did for the wedding we shot back in April.

    We also had a few minutes of a private "reveal" before the ceremony for the couple to just catch their breaths together before the festivities started.

  6. We did the majority of our pictures before but our photographer kept that magical moment by setting it up so that we two were the only ones in the area. He then had Ben turn his back and had me come out of the door. He took a photo of me waiting expectantly (with my mom peeking out the window! LMAO!) and then set himself up to shoot Ben and had Ben turn around. That way he got the reaction shot. I got to see his face when he first saw me, and we STILL got to get the pics out of the way before the ceremony so that we could go straight to enjoying our reception! :)

  7. I'm with Kerri. Some people are waiting for cake here, and pictures slow this process down.

    When I got married, we shot everything we could before hand, and only took pictures for about 15 minutes afterward.


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