domestic bliss

PHONE: *ring*
J: Hello?
ME: You might be the most frustrating man I've ever known, and that's saying something.
J: What'd I do??
ME: Remember last week when a giant pile of laundry went through the wash and it got stuffed into baskets instead of being hung up so all the shirts and pants have to be re-dried?
J: That was the kid.
ME: And then we re-dried all the shirts and pants. So imagine my joy to venture into the basement and find all the laundry stuffed back into baskets.
J: That darn kid!
J: ... oh.
ME: There are these newfangled devices called hangers, and they magically lift your clothes off the floor into closets and then your clothes aren't wrinkled anymore and I don't have to dry a shirt three times to wear it. Is there something about having a penis that makes you and the spawn oblivious to wrinkled clothes?
J: I wouldn't say that, exactly...
ME: Hangers!
J: I love you.

He did do the dishes, though. Ain't nothin' sexier than a man who does the dishes. :)