The Tower Desk

A few weeks ago, before the fit hit the shan with the car, we found a giant L-shaped wooden desk on Craigslist and bought it for the Tower.* It's a freaking behemoth of a desk - seriously, even in parts, we had to take two doors off their hinges just to get it up the high, narrow stairs into the Tower. Did I mention it was made of solid wood?

The owners helpfully took it apart for us and gave us the six or seven large pieces, umpteen drawers... and a bag full of hardware. No instructions.

Therefore we have been procrastinating for weeks. I helpfully delegated the task to Jimmy and the Spawn when I had to work a Sunday shift this weekend. I ain't no dummy.

ME: Thanks for the work you did on the desk. I imagine it took a while for you two to put it together.
JIMMY: Heh. Heh heh heh. Yeah.
ME:It's shiiiiiny. And now that you know how it goes together, you'll know how to take it apart when it comes time to move again!
JIMMY: ... No.
ME: What, we're never moving again? We're going to die in this house?
JIMMY: I don't know about that, but that desk is never moving again. If we leave, we leave it where it is.
ME: Um... but I love that desk.
JIMMY: I will buy you a new desk. I am not moving that desk ever again.
ME: I have the utmost faith in your ability to carry that desk back down those stairs....
JIMMY: *The Look*

Funny, we had a similar discussion when I suggested our old loveseat (that we still haven't sold) would make a great addition to the Tower if we (read: him) can hoist it up the stairs....

* The Tower = my new attic office.


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