Help furnish the LitUnd Tower!

Hello fiends!

As anyone who reads my Facebook knows, I moved recently. In fact, I've bored you all to tears with the details of my move, which allowed me and my partner to combine households in a lovely house with enough space for us and our kids. Best of all, at least as far as I was concerned: the attic was big enough for me to have my own office and library, for the first time since my son was born.

That means when I work from home several times a week, I have a place to work besides the kitchen table. It means a dedicated space for writing my brilliant novels. It means room enough for all my books, half of which live in boxes or are double-stacked on groaning Wal-mart shelves.

And it means space for a streamlined mail-order operation for the Literary Underworld, which has had to operate out of the corner of my dining nook until now. We'll be faster, more efficient and able to expand our operation with its own space.

A catch: no furniture. No desk, no bookshelves, nothing but an office chair and a printer table. Unfortunately, the money we had set aside for office furniture will go to unexpected expenses like replacing the microwave cart, living room furniture (since our set doesn't fit), a half-dozen other things that have eaten up the money we had saved. We tried to sell off unwanted furniture, but haven't had much luck.

So I'm still working at the kitchen table. And I've got an offer for anyone who donates to my office fund: you're going to get a creepy short story.

This house has a history, you see: a murder took place here over 100 years ago. So when my shoes go missing or a door drifts open or we hear strange thumps at midnight, we have someone to blame. Isabel, I want my keyring back!

In real life, her murderer only served a few years before he was pardoned and lived a long and happy life. If I were Isabel, I'd want some justice. I think she deserves a short story, don't you?

I hate to pass the hat, but it'll be months or even a year before we can afford the office on our own - and I've got three books to write this year. We've got a line on some used furniture, but we need the cash to get it done. So I hope you'll consider donating, and in return you'll get a free short story. I hope you'll consider it worth the cost... and that Isabel returns my keys.

Thanks for being here!