MSC followup

to Joseph: I never did find the actual Center for Southern Folklore. But in my wanderings I found several historical markers and boards from them, and they were all about Memphis' rich music history. This is, of course, really great stuff and the primary reason normal people come to Memphis. I, however, was hoping for traditional folklore, for myths and legends, ghosts and river spectres… you know, the stuff I use for inspiration. :)

to CelestineAngel: No room parties because there was a stated $150 fee, which means no room parties. Now, I hear there were room parties, but you had to know which door to knock on. I guess I'm not one of the cool kids, because I never heard. :) I don't mean to rip the hotel too much - the room was nice, and while they were less than accommodating for policies, it's a funky-cool Escher layout. That said, as an author I need room parties for promotional purposes… and I'd much rather relax in a room party with a drink in my hand than stand in a hallway for four hours in order to have a conversation.

to D.A. Adams: I forgot! Alex suggested "Fodder" as the title for the LitUnd authors. I think I prefer Underlords, though. I don't actually consume my authors…

Also, I forgot to thank the MSC organizers. This show has a more book-oriented and author-friendly programming schedule than any I attend, I think. So many good panels on really good subjects, and many of them around the subjects of writing, of speculative fiction… I love MSC and would never skip it. If you like to read, and you have the means to attend, I strongly recommend it. And not just because you'd get to see ME…


  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Hmmm, intriguing. And thw two years MSC was at the hotel were the two years I haven't been able to attend. A sign? Who knows? ;o)

    I probably won't be able to attend next year either. :(

  2. Gotcha. Yeah, they focus on the music, from what I've seen.
    As for Perkins. It's not a Mason-Dixon thing. There's a Perkins in Springfield, MO, where I went to grad school, and one in St. Joseph where the in-laws live.


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