Group dinner! Midsouthcon! Reader chat!

We'll be gathering at Memphis Pizza Cafe 7-9ish p.m. Thursday, March 11! Join us.

Sigma Alphas, spice, friends and kids all welcome! Tip back a few and tell tall tales of college, as long as no one brings the yearbook photos this time. The more the merrier!

I will have books in the trunk in case anyone wants them but doesn't plan to come to Midsouthcon. Should be a blast! Oh, and if you're in the area, you should come to MSC! The Literary Underworld will be in the dealer's room, and I'll be doing a handful of panels. I'm supposed to get a reading, though I haven't seen one on the schedule yet. If I do, I just might read from the sequel to THE COLD ONES, which is the first time I'll have read from a work in progress. What, me nervous?

Also: reader chat is set for 7 p.m. CST March 16 in the Wilderness Chat Room. I'll have just gotten back from Midsouthcon so I should be nice and loopy. We'll give out some prizes, chat about upcoming projects, a trivia contest, I might make an announcement or two... It's the day before I turn 35 and officially become old, so come console me on the passing of my youth!

As always, the chat is open to any and all, but it is recommended for adults only, as my fans tend to be dirty-minded cretins and somehow the conversation always turns to sex. Naughty, you're all naughty and shall be spanked. And while it technically only goes to 9 p.m., we always end up talking much longer than that. Directions to the Wilderness Chat Room can be found on the NEWS page of my web site.