DREADMIRE update and COLD ONES questions

Because there have been questions...

If you ordered DREADMIRE and indicated you wanted the first edition, you should have received it by now. If not, please contact us at booksales@elizabethdonald.com so we can spank the postal service and get you a new copy.

If you ordered DREADMIRE and indicated that one or more copies should be the second edition, however, your order has not shipped. The second edition has not yet been released by the publisher. As soon as we have the books in hand, your orders will ship. We have not forgotten you! If you had other things with that order, we have been holding them. If you would prefer we send them right away, please email us and we'll get that done.

I appreciate your patience with the second edition. I've seen the cover art, and hopefully it'll be worth your wait. I love that book and I know you guys will enjoy it when it finally comes out. I'm in contact with the publisher and keeping tabs on its availability.

Regarding THE COLD ONES, I've been assured that we're on track for the Oct. 1 release and it will be available and on hand at Archon in St. Louis next weekend. The publisher will have a booth in the dealer's room (besides our booth) and we're planning a big book-release shindig during my reading on Saturday afternoon. You can save money by picking it up at Archon; otherwise they will ship when we get back from the show.

Naturally, all books you buy directly from me are signed unless you request otherwise. If you do not indicate in your reservation/order how you want it signed, it'll just be my name, no personalization. We do not charge extra for signing.

Remember, too, that preordering THE COLD ONES does not obligate you to any money right now. You're just reserving a copy so we know how many to order. You'll get a bill before we pop them in the mail and you're under no obligation. But if you don't reserve a copy and we run out, I can't guarantee how many I'll be able to get.

There will be other places to buy it - from the publisher, at The Genre Mall, at conventions - but if you want it from me, it's best to reserve a copy. It's a service I'm providing to my loyal readers, to make it easier for you guys to get the books that you'll never find at Borders.

Please feel free to contact me or Katie if you have more questions. And remember, you can order my entire backlist from www.literaryunderworld.com - currently open in beta form and taking orders, shipping every Tuesday.


  1. does forgetting to pick up my copies count as a spanking offense?

    I'll get them at ConTraception.


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