a fan dinner

I must publicly thank my good friend and fellow author, Shane Moore, for letting me crash a fan dinner tonight.

Shane had a signing at Hometown Comics today in Edwardsville, and seeing as it was only a block and a half away from the Mayfest where I was selling baked goods for the American Cancer Society, I walked over to say hello. Shane, of course, can move two boxes of books at events where I'd be lucky to sell ten, but that's because Shane is a born promoter and natural salesman. It's scary to watch him work.

Shane and fellow author Jon Klement were kind enough to invite me along to a post-signing fan dinner this evening. So I cleaned myself up, grabbed the boy and a box of books and showed up.

Who knew Shane had such a lovely singing voice? ;)

Setting aside the musical stylings of Mr. Moore, it was a lovely evening, and not just because I sold a few books. Shane does a convention a month, and I have goals of doing the same, but never quite seem to manage them. But it's important that we keep that touchstone with readers and with fellow authors, because it's easy to forget why we do this as we slog along.

Great moment, considering that ex-cop Shane is a Big Tough Guy:

WAITRESS: All right, I have a bourbon here?
ME: Right here.
WAITRESS: And an amaretto?
ME: Girly drink for Mr. Moore.

It occurs to me that it's been far too long since I had so much as a fan chat, much less a fan dinner or a reading, and more than a month since the last convention. I'll be in Nashville in June, but stay tuned for a chat announcement soon. I've got some fun stuff brewing, but more than that - I want to hear from you guys.

Oh, and Shane's best songs are "YMCA," "Boot Scoot Boogie" and Weird Al Yankovic. Just saying.