can't believe I never did this before...

I put together a "Tragedy" playlist, specifically for a few short stories I have cooking. God, I love horror.

Hey, don't blame me. Between HOUSE, SUPERNATURAL and a half-dozen other season finales this week, I'm drowning in grief and misery. It's been a blast.

Why are you looking at me like that?

1. "Fatal Tragedy," Dream Theater
2. "Soldier's Child," Three Pints Gone
3. "Bad Moon Rising," Creedence Clearwater Revival
4. "Hello," Evanescence
5. "Learn to Be Lonely," Minnie Driver
6. "Your Eyes," RENT
7. "Green Fields of France," Three Pints Gone
8. "Man's Road," America
9. "One More Day," Diamond Rio
10. "Beautiful Goodbye," Amanda Marshall
11. "I'll Be There," Escape Club
12. "Let Me Fall," Josh Groban
13. "Who Wants to Live Forever," Queen
14. "So Close," Jon McLaughlin
15. "To Where You Are," Josh Groban
16. "Paint It Black," Rolling Stones
17. "Danny Boy," Paul Robeson

I am open to suggestions.


  1. Oh man - #13 always makes me cry...


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