Yellow Roses

We're zooming now, folks. Of course, we're in the fun part. All that grief, agony and pain. Yum.

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Research has included:

• The background and history of the Wildey Theater, as well as a personal visit to the interior of the Miner's Theater. Both are wonderful old turn-of-the-century stage-movie houses, and both are allegedly haunted.

• Everything Nick spouts in all his scenes is from my research into ghosthunting and paranormal investigation as it currently stands. I am not soaking St. John's Wort in olive oil for two months just to see what it looks like, though.

• Dillinger was allegedly shot and killed outside a Chicago theater by the FBI, led by Melvin Purvis. There is an ongoing theory that the Feebs accidentally killed the wrong man, but the official version is that Dillinger got plastic surgery right before his death and that's why his own father didn't recognize him. The "oops" theory doesn't account for why Dillinger would give up crime, but does speculate that he sent jibing letters to J. Edgar Hoover for the rest of his days. For this alone, I vote for that theory.

• THE BIG CHILL came out in 1983.

• Streets in the 1920s were mostly paved, leaving behind the cobblestones and bricks of older streets. They were even beginning sewers and stormwater control with the WPA projects of the 1920s. That was in the main areas of town, of course - older streets would still be composed of tightly-interbound brick, and the poorest areas would be hardpacked dirt, gravel if they were lucky. The key to a good street isn't the surface; it's the subgrade. This research came from an offhand conversation with the street director of a local town, who I believe knows more about roads than any man since the Romans got started.

• All veterans are eligible for the flag-folding ceremony, three-volley salute and taps to be played, but it's up to the family what they do. The flag is free. Soldiers who die on active duty get extra services. Request it, and it will be done, regardless of money or aspects of service, as long as he was honorably discharged.


  1. I am not soaking St. John's Wort in olive oil for two months just to see what it looks like, though.

    It turns a murky red/red violet since you crush the St John's Wort flowers(which creates red/purple liquid mush) and add it to the oil - it gets cloudy from the solids, and reddish from the liquid. It's like sun tea, or making spiced oils - using the sun to "percolate" the mixture.

    Both the plant and the oil have been used primarily for home protection - historically especially on St John's Day... The plants were hung over doorways - and the oil was rubbed on the door frame (very Passover-esque) or along the threshold.

    Ummm - yeah - walking encyclopedia magica... *sigh*
    (My high school library belonged in Sunnydale...)


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