I am spam!

I rather thought Shelfari was cool when I signed up for it. Any online community built entirely on books must be great, yes?

Until I had a friend request on it, and I clicked the wrong button. Instead of just accepting invitations, it sent an email inviting my entire address book.

That address book had my editors and reporters at the newspaper. My colleagues at Cerridwen Press, Ellora's Cave, New Babel Books, Circle Dark Publishing... It had editors at publishing houses and magazines to which I've submitted, added to my address book automatically so their responses wouldn't go into the spam filter.

Clients from my editing service. Fellow writers. Friends from college. Long-lost relatives. 394 NAMES.

I hereby declare that those "invite your entire address book" programs are evil, and they must be destroyed.

My apologies to any and all I accidentally invited. I tried to send an apology to my address book, but Yahoo wouldn't let me.

Ironically, it seems they don't want me to SPAM.


  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    If you all are looking for a more user-friendly service, I built a site called Goodreads that also helps you see what your friends are reading.

    And you evan already have an author profile: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/250327.Elizabeth_Donald

  2. Wow, thank you! Looks like a good site. :)


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