Dragoncon Schedule

In which I am very, very glad I opted for the latest flight out on Monday.


5:30 p.m. My Favorite Starship Commander is a Woman
(I am not kidding, they signed me up for it. Taking nominations now.)
10 p.m. The Little Death: Erotic Horror
Moderated by my good friend Fred Grimm. Fred, what HAVE you been up to?


1 p.m. Autograph Session
Me and Elonka Dunin. Alas, I shall miss the Baen Books preview.
3 p.m. Reading
I'm the warm-up act for Peter David, folks. Whoa.
10 p.m. And Then What Happened? (plots that intrigue readers)
Aaah! I'm opposite the Firefly Shindig! We'll talk fast.)
11:30 p.m. Devil and Demons
I'm not actually on this panel, but Fred Grimm is, so it should be fun.


4 p.m. Defining the Superhero
I'm not on this panel either, but Frank Fradella is, and it should be a great one.
5:30 p.m. I Did It!
New successes talk about getting published. Me and three others.


11:30 a.m. In a Glass Darkly
Creating an unsettling atmosphere. Well, by Monday morning, I'll just assume tequila had something to do with it.
2:30 p.m. Autograph Session
Just in case you didn't catch me nineteen times this convention! As I stack my luggage in the corner for the mad dash to the airport after. :) Come say goodbye!

Watch this space for regular posts throughout the con. Well, anytime I have my brain together. See you at the show!