Reader Voices

First of all, the biggest belly laugh of the week comes from dear friend and Muppet Rat Devin Harris. She had this to say about SETTING SUNS:

"It's creeping me out. I will never own a teddy bear again. ::shudder::"

She then created a marvelous icon, with a cute little teddy bear and the words, "Can't Sleep: Bear Will Eat Me." I about died laughing.

In case you're wondering what we're smoking, one of the stories in SETTING SUNS centers on a little white teddy bear with angel wings. Muahahahaha. It's the one titled, "Jesus Loves Me."


My sister told me a colleague in her office borrowed her copy of SETTING SUNS to read during her lunch break. SHE NEVER BROUGHT IT BACK. The colleague snuck it home with her. My sister is now royally annoyed. "My husband is out of town, I actually have time to read and she TOOK MY BOOK!" she fumed. As I snickered.

A reader told me the book arrived and she and her husband actually argued over who got to read it first. I cause marital strife!

Other comments:

"Evocative is a terribly over-used word, but it's all I can come up with to describe "Setting Suns". Elizabeth's writing is clear and concise, mixing the normal with the macabre, throwing Rod Serling against a 2006 backdrop and letting the strangeness flow."

"Seriously ... check this book out if you're at all a fan of horror or suspense fiction. Elizabeth has the potential to hit the big time, and it starts here."

"She delves into the human psyche to find not only what's on the surface of their relationships, but the hidden secrets and pasts that make the characters tick. 'Sisyphus' alone is worth the price for this book - it's the ultimate tortured love story, times 10. If you want to read stories that stick in your head for days to come, this book is for you."

"Never has a collection of short stories made such a lasting impression in my mind.... a book that spans the gamut of things we fear as humans. Unlike other suspense/horror stories I've read, these don't rely on the 'slash-em-up' blood-type themes to terrify readers. Elizabeth instead uses the small niggling things hiding deep in our minds that none of us likes to think about to bring her tales to terrifying life. "

"This anthology contains one of the finest stories I have ever read, "Sisyphus". If O. Henry and Stephen King had collaborated on a love story, this is what they would have written."

My personal ego aside, it is really gratifying to hear you folks are enjoying the book. That is, after all, what I'm here to do.

Now I'm going to sneak into Kiddo's room and see where he's put the REAL angel bear... That thing still creeps me out.