Okay, folks, let's suppose that an anthology of my short stories could possibly be coming out soon. Like, next year.

What should said anthology be called?

The short stories were all written in 2000-2003, and share a Twilight-Zone type of fatalistic tragedy. None have truly happy endings; most have fairly tragic ones. If you've come to my readings at cons, you've heard the lead story, SISYPHUS.

What? The contest part? Here's the catch: You have to be a member of my YahooGroup. It's easy and free: go to and sign up. I won't be offended if you go for the digest or special-notice format - we're a fairly low-mail group, but I understand how spammed you folks can get.

Suggest a title on the Yahoogroup. Of the top five (decided by me), I will run a poll. The winner will receive a free comb-bound copy of A MORE PERFECT UNION, or may elect to wait and receive a free copy of the anthology when it is published. I can't promise that the winning title will actually be the title of the anthology - the publisher and I will need to work that out.

But without your help, it's going to be called SISYPHUS AND OTHER TALES. Yawn.

The titles of the stories likely to be included are:

Deep Breathing
I Live With It Every Day (Co-written with Jason R. Tippitt)
Jesus Loves Me
The Puzzle
The River
Prisoner’s Dilemma

Other stories that may or may not be included are:

Memory Lane
Falling Down
Symphony of the Night Woods

Go to it! Suggestions must be received by midnight CST Oct. 9 to be eligible.