Fall Deathmarch: Online Edition wraps up at Archon!

Day Five of the Virtual Tour In Which Elizabeth Doesn't Have to Split Cab Fare With Strangers.

Courtesy of the fine folks at Seventh Star Press and Tomorrow Comes Media, I'm doing a blog tour and interview blitz this week. Today's batch includes a lovely review and another interview - aren't you people sick of me yet? Highlight of the review from Bee's Knees: "Donald is one of those writers that paints such a vivid painting of her world, I can see myself walking the streets of Memphis watching the nightlife unfold in front of me."

And if you're wondering what the snarky taglines above are talking about, here is a link to my ongoing feud with American Airlines: Escape From Orlando. Add your own Snake Plissken jokes.

I apologize, con-prep ate me and I missed a day. Posts to date:

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• In Defense of Horror, hosted by The Den of Debauchery
• The Eroticism of the Vampire, hosted by Beauty in Ruins

The blog tour is linked and coordinated at Tomorrow Comes Media.

Naturally, this whole thing is intended to promote Nocturne Infernum. What's that? Good lord, you really haven't been reading this blog, or my endless blatherings in social media. Nocturne Infernum is the compilation of all three Nocturne books, following the adventures of my vampires in their alternate-history Memphis and the terrible, horrible things that befall them. Muahahahaha. Seriously, the Nocturne books were my maiden voyages into becoming a published author, and I had a wonderful time tormenting my Memphis miscreants. I wouldn't mind coming back to that world again!

You don't have Nocturne Infernum? I'm happy to report that the ebook version is only $4.99. You can't beat that with a stake - er, stick. You can also pick up the paperback edition via AmazonBarnes & Noble or Literary Underworld. I will have limited stock in hand at Archon this weekend - come by and see us!

What, you already bought the original versions? Well, not to put too fine a point on it... then you have the first drafts. I think of Nocturne Infernum as "the author's cut." It allowed me to trim out some stuff that I didn't want to include in the first place, fix the things that were added, mistakes I made as a beginning author, and generally make it into the book it was meant to be. I'm very happy with Nocturne Infernum, and I think you'll enjoy it too.

And now... ARCHON!!!! Come see us at the Gateway Center in Collinsville, Ill. We've been here only a few hours and Ian has escorted a princess, met Harlan Ellison in a bathroom, been interviewed for the news and had at least 20 people gape at his amazing height. It's going to be a great weekend.