Where he gets this mouth...

Subject of carversation: Math classes.

JIM: I'm pretty sure he'll let us use notes for the test.
BOY: They let me.
ME: Yeah, I saw your notecard for your last math test. I didn't know you could write that neat. Or that small.
JIM: I better do the same. With the notes I can enter the formula in the calculator -
ME: I gotta say, the most amusing part of this whole experience was catching you using your computer as a giant overpriced calculator because you couldn't figure out how to use the scientific calculator.
BOY: Seriously? It's, like, the exact same calculator I use!
JIM: I figured it out eventually!
ME: Man. You both are so freaking spoiled. When I was in college, we didn't get to use notes. We didn't get to use a freaking calculator.
BOY: That's because it hadn't been invented yet.
ME: ...
BOY: *giant grin*
ME: I will jump into that backseat and smack you right through the window, Spawn.
BOY: *whistles*
ME: We had calculators. I kept it right next to my abacus, so shaddup.
BOY: *wisely silent*
ME: Man. Where did he get such a smart mouth?
JIM: *look*
ME: Hush, you.