Dragoncon Stalking Guide

Yup, friends, it's that time again. Time for the ravening hordes to descend upon downtown Atlanta and hang out with 60,000 of your closest friends. As usual, I will not have my books available in the dealer's room unless a dealer with shelf space magically appears out of the genie bottle in the next week, so you'll have to catch up with me if you want my NEW NOVELLA.

Or, y'know, any of my other stuff. Or a hug. Though it's going to be 91 degrees and there's a tropical storm bearing on us, so hugs might get sticky.

Here is my Stalking Guide. I don't have an app code yet, because I'm old and dumb and haven't figured out how they work. But I am open to (most) suggestions, and looking forward to seeing my awesome folks in Atlanta! Yes, even YOU.


Reading -  4 p.m., Vinings in the Hyatt. What will I be reading? Whatever y'all want to hear, or the new novella or possibly interpretive dance. That last one is directly proportionate to the amount of alcohol you bring.


Bits & Pieces: The Makings of a Great Zombie - 2:30 p..m., Chastain in the Westin. Guest appearances by my good friends Jay Smith of HG World and The Diary of Jill Woodbine, and Jonathan Maberry of Dead of Night and half the bestselling zombie fiction on the market today.

Autograph Session - 5:30 p.m. in International Hall South, Marriott. This is your best chance to buy my stuff, as I'll haul out the box o' books for this. I'm flying without an assistant this year, so please be patient with me as I fumble with the moneystuff. Usually they keep that sort of thing away from me.


Castle Rock Confidential - 11:30 a.m. in Peachtree 1-2, Westin. Reviewing what Stephen King and his various properties are up to this year. I will probably get yelled at again this year for not reading The Dark Tower and giving up on Under the Dome, but I'm used to it. Pennywise lives!

Apocalyptic Fun: Inventive and Messy Ways of Killing - 7 p.m. in Chastain, Westin. Apparently we're going to find the silly side of the apocalypse. Aim for the head!


Werewolves, Vampires, Demons & Dragons - Embassy D-F, Hyatt. Oh my, time to play with the faces of the creepy tarot.

Following the convention, I'm taking a day off in east Tennessee, and then I'll be in Nashville for several days for the Excellence in Journalism conference, cosponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists and RTDNA. Our primary focus - or at least my primary focus - will be discussion and passage of the revised SPJ Ethics Code. I'll be pretty swamped with the convention, but pop me a line if you'd like to get together!

For the record, that means Jimmy and Ian will be bachelors without supervision for a week and a half. Anyone wanting to do something nice for them will get my eternal gratitude, especially since they'll be without the car.


  1. Sorry I can't manage to be your minion this year. Too much going on. And DC is always a difficult con for me. More so now that my mobility is catching up.


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