Mazel tov!

This weekend, two friends of mine will marry.

Technically, they've been married for a while... as long as it was legally permissible for them to do so. But this will be their formal ceremony in accordance with their faith and surrounded by their friends and family.

And that is important. As much as people have told us, "Just elope, it's not worth the drama," we believe that the most important part of getting married is the presence of family and friends to support us and share in our happiness. If Jimmy and I had all the money in the world, Christ Church Cathedral could not hold all the people we would want at our wedding. Joy multiplies when shared.

So we were honored and delighted to be invited to Selina and Lynn's wedding this weekend. And it's absolutely breaking my heart that we can't be there. We hemmed and hawed all the way up to this week, but finances being what they are, we just couldn't do it. Someone needs to invent a teleporter right now, so I can be with my friends even if they live seven hours away.

Regardless, our thoughts and best wishes will be with Selina and Lynn tomorrow as they marry, surrounded by love and friendship. Mazel tov, you two crazy kids. At the next show, the first drink's on me.