Dragoncon Stalking Guide

And here we are, on the verge of another adventure in Hotlanta. This will be my ninth Dragoncon, which I resolutely spell as one word without asterisks or spaces because I'm contrary that way (and a lazy typist). Elevators bedamned, I'm looking forward to another wild frenzy with my fiends in Atlanta!

However, I must offer a caveat: For the first time in nine years, I will not be available in the dealer's room, wherever they've put it. None of my publishers or publishing allies are attending this year, and general booksellers are hard to find. Unless I stumble across a friendly vendor who wants me to announce the name and location of his/her booth at all my panels, the only way you can get books from me this year is to hunt me down!

Thus, the stalking guide.

Note: I will be happy to take your money before or after panels. I'd take your money during panels, but it might slow down the conversation and annoy the other panelists who are less craven and/or poor than I am. If it's Saturday, I might have to take your money walking through the hallways to my next panel, but you and I both know that "walking" is more like "shuffling of the undead among 20,000 of your closest friends," so I could probably make change, write your receipt and autograph the book while we're waiting for a Hyatt elevator.

Your best chance to catch me is during my signing on Saturday or my reading on Sunday. I'd like to say I'll be mobbed, but since they always put me opposite someone who's slightly bigger than I am (Anne McCaffrey, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gene Roddenberry Jr., that guy from Mythbusters...) I am sorry to say I will not exactly be swarming with crowds. Come see me! Buy books! I make a great Christmas present.

And, to be perfectly honest... much of my early work is going out of print, folks. That's not to say they'll never appear again - if I don't finish the zombie series I think there will be sharp objects aimed at my head - but the original editions are being phased out, in part by publishers moving in a different direction and in part because that's how the publishing business goes. I am already sold out of the original editions of Abaddon, though for the moment it is still available in ebook. If you want them, now's the time.

That said, I hope to have some very good news to share with you at the show. Come find out what mischief I'm brewing!

Dragoncon Stalking Guide (tm Keith DeCandido):


• What's Next in Urban Fantasy? -- 11:30 a.m., International BC - Westin
A surprising lack of panels, allowing me to roam freely in the wild.


Read All About it: Zombies in the Media -- 2:30 p.m. Vinings 1-2 - Westin
Signing!! -- 5:30 p.m. International Hall South - Marriott
From Idea to Research to Print -- 8:30 p.m. Embassy D-F - Hyatt
Drinking -- Wherever, whenever. Point me toward the rum.


Reading!! -- 11:30 a.m. Edgewood - Hyatt
Cruising the con for burnt offerings to give the menfolk back home


Jeepers Creepers: WTF is Lurking Out There? -- 11:30 a.m. Embassy D-F - Hyatt
American Horror Story: Autopsy -- 1 p.m. Roswell 1-2 - Westin
A long-ass bus ride

There's usually some last-minute changes, which I will announce on FaceTwit and/or here as I find out about them. See you at the show!