HIM: Hey, somebody updated your Wikipedia page.
ME: Oh good Christ. *runs to Wikipedia*
HIM: Yeah. Now it includes that you're engaged to author Jimmy Gillentine.
ME: Huh.
HIM: And that you're on the vestry for an Episcopal church.
ME: My spies are everywhere. *reads* 
HIM: Too bad it doesn't link to my website.
ME: Can't do that. Wikipedia is not supposed to be advertising. You can only put up a link to your page on your own Wikipedia page.
HIM: I don't have a Wikipedia page.
ME: Hey, I didn't create my own. Somebody put me on there.
HIM: I am too lowly to have a Wikipedia page.
ME: Oh whatever.
HIM: I am so honored to be on your Wikipedia page! You are the famous author Elizabeth Donald! I am so lucky that you can love a lowly worm like me!
ME: Oh for the love of God, shut up.
HIM: *smooch*
ME: Lowly worm?
HIM: Worm!


  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    So, ummm... why don't YOU create a Wiki for him? Duh.

  2. That might be a little too much inside baseball. It doesn't do any good to create a Wiki page that immediately gets deleted. The key to Wikipedia is outside references: articles about your work, interviews, etc. He doesn't have much of that yet; once he has sufficient outside references, we can do it.

  3. I need someone to make me a Wiki page...


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