Guest Blog: Nick Valentino

My initiation as an Underlord in The Literary Underworld
Guest blog by Nick Valentino

First off, let me say that I'm honored to be a part of this blog tour! Thank you to everyone in the Literary Underworld for all their hard work and dedication. I count myself extremely lucky to know such good people! Thank you for including me!

For years I was in a metal band and our philosophy was tour tour tour. The idea behind it was if you play enough shows in front of people all around the country then surely you'll get recognized. Well, in a band you have to deal with other people that have their own lives, problems and agendas. At the point when the touring ideal started to die around me, I started writing stories, then books.

My mission was to get published and take my own touring machine on the road. Not too long after I had some decent stories, I got published and I relentlessly booked up a year and half of travel. From Victoria, BC to Atlantic City, N.J. I saw so many cool places and met thousands of amazing people from every genre of the author/geek/gamer/fandom scene.

Some of the hardest-working and downright coolest people I met were from a traveling bookselling group called The Literary Underworld. They were EVERYWHERE in the southeast and covered tons of cons. They also have an amazing website that you absolutely need to check out. They have a little of everything. Seriously, if you like any kind of fiction, they have it. Steampunk, Fantasy, Horror, Gore, Aliens, Monsters... just to name a few... it's there. The coolest part is that these are all the up and coming authors. These are the temporarily underground authors just waiting to burst forth. I was at MidSouthCon when they accepted my steampunk novel, Thomas Riley, and instantly I gained a whole new group of friends.

You should see them go! They always have the newest books and from what I saw at the con, they were selling like hotcakes. So this is your chance. Take a look at The Literary Underworld's website and get in on all the best books from your favorite genre. You won't be disappointed, and like me you might also discover a whole new group of friends and books!