Unsent Letters From Moving Hell

Dear USPS:

This is the most complicated move of my life, and it's not half done, and you are not making it easier.

Look, I get that you want us to do our change of address online now. Sure, those little forms were a pain. I had no problem doing it online.

Then you tell me that because everyone in my home has a different last name, we have to submit three different requests. One for me, one for my partner, and one for my son. All right, now that's just silly. It's that hard to design a form that allows for members of one family to have different names? This is 2012. I challenge you to find three out of five homes where someone isn't using a different name.

Fine, I'm used to this kind of nonsense. I'll go through this three times. But now you want my credit card. And you're going to charge it a dollar. For "fraud prevention."

I've got an idea where the fraud is. Because it's gonna cost me three bucks: one for each of us. What is this, a tax on not being married? Very cute.

But it's all okay. You know why? Because your brilliant computer system couldn't process my card. Then and only then does your web site offer me the option of printing out the form... and taking it to my local post office.

Every time I think Charter is the most annoying, bloated and useless organization to which I pay far too much money, I'm going to remember this....

... no, you're still better than Charter.