Blackfire review!

My Google-fu is failing me. There are reviews for Blackfire and I didn't catch them.

Try this one on, from Wolfen Moondaughter at Sequential Tart:

There is a lot of story, both action and strong character development, packed into this 179-page trade paperback!... I like that there are basically three villains in this, one of which will obviously be ongoing for the series, and another being of more obscure folklore than is typically tapped. I also like that the book explores how not all monsters are supernatural... While I wouldn’t say it’s necessary to read (The Cold Ones) first, I do believe reading both increases the enjoyment of each, which on their own are both quite enjoyable. 

There's also a few people starting to talk about it on Amazon. Remember: Amazon is probably the only place in the world where readers' reviews actually sell a book. If you read Blackfire and liked it, please feel free to share your opinion with the world (and with me). Of course, if you read Blackfire and hated it, now is the time for reflective silence...