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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

As demonstrated by my good friend Angelia Sparrow, here's six sentence from the upcoming King of Swords. (I cheated. It's slightly over six sentences.)

Gently Coleen turned the yoke, caressing the handles between her fingers. The ship danced under her touch, nimbly ducking beneath the docking ring and soaring away from the station. She loved this part, the way the ship responded to her touch, a natural symbiosis as she flew around the border patrols and between the satellites toward open space. The lightness of the yoke in her hands made it an extension of herself, and she could feel the energy vibrating through the ship up from its pumping engines to the very lights in the ceiling above her.
She realized that Hancock was watching her.
“I love to watch you fly,” Hancock said.
Coleen grinned. “Better than sex.” She reconsidered. “Almost.”


Blogger Angelia said...

GUH. That was very sexy. I'm jealous of Coleen

11:46 AM  

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