Best of the Aughts

Time to vote in the CultureGeek Readers' Choice Awards! Never heard of it? That's because we never did it before. Ah, the power I wield.

Seriously, I got sick of the same old lists popping out on all my competitors, lists that made me think these guys were so not watching the same stuff I was watching the last ten years. AMERICAN IDOL is the best TV show of the 21st century? I do not think so.

So regular CultureGeek readers nominated their favorite books, movies, TV shows and comics of the past decade, and I created a poll for them to vote. On day one we had hundreds of responses. I'm hoping for a lot more. :)

I contacted as many of the authors as I know or could find to let them know they'd been nominated. Including Neil Gaiman's publicist, since at the moment he is trashing all the competition with AMERICAN GODS. I'm sure he is too busy to give a quote to a mid-size paper like mine, should he win, but it's worth a try.

Go forth and vote.

For the record, I disqualified myself. But thanks for the noms anyway, denizens. Like I was gonna beat Neil Gaiman or Joe Hill. :)