Help out a twit and her long-suffering friend!

Okay, I'm an idiot. My poor friend Sarah has already once extended my time for the Creative Memories online "party" I intended to hold. She is long-suffering and patient.

So! Do you like scrapbooking? Sarah is a Creative Memories consultant, and I used to be a regular consumer of said stuff. I am about five years behind - wow, that corresponds almost exactly with the point where my writing career took off. Funny. Anyway, CM stuff is the highest quality and it is designed not to rot your pictures like those magnetic albums we all thought were so great in the 1990s.

Like scrapbooks but lack the patience/time? They have template albums, predesigned pages, etc. Not interested in albums but looking for a creative way to display photos? Click on "Inspired Surroundings" for framed displays that would make a personal gift or memento.

Also, they now have an extended digital component. You can assemble your digital photos into scrapbooks online and they print them for you. Swimming in photos? They have organizers.

I know it sounds like I'm cut-pasting ad copy, but I'm not - I really love their stuff. I love photography, and the collection of photos I have from Kiddo's childhood and my own nature photography is really important to me.

So if you're interested (or shopping for scrapbookers), hurry to the site and look around! Remember to click the link at the top that says, "Credit this order to my host," and tell them to give Elizabeth Donald credit. Then I get free stuff, you get cool stuff, and Sarah makes money, which is good for everyone.

And do hurry, because I forgot to talk about this for *mumblemumble* and we're almost out of time. Mea culpa!