Lunchbreak Squee

So. Guess who sold out the entire first printing of her new novella in its premiere weekend?

Yup. That would be me.

Thank you to all the wonderful Archon denizens who bought THE COLD ONES! We had a nice turnout for the reading, most of whom I didn't even know. :) The emergency zombie bite kits were a big hit, too! And I didn't get arrested. Always a plus. I love reading THE COLD ONES aloud - it really works verbally. I got laughs in the right places and no one ran screaming from the room with hands clapped over their ears. (It is so not for children. I'm just saying.)

So we sold out the entire print run, setting aside copies for those who reserved copies in advance. See, I always tell you guys I can't guarantee anything if you don't reserve in advance, and nooooobody believes me...

If you reserved a copy, you'll be getting an invoice shortly and instructions. Your book will ship as soon as your payment clears. If you've changed your mind, tell us ASAP so we can free up your copy for other people. First printings tend to be more valuable than later printings, so there may be more folks who want it than we can accommodate.

If you didn't reserve a copy, I will unfortunately be unable to help you for a few weeks. The publisher has informed me he will be ordering another print run immediately, but it may take a couple of weeks to get them in stock. Hopefully they'll be in by Halloween. They will be available on The Literary Underworld and Genre Mall (the main outlet for publisher Sam's Dot). Note: LitUnd will take backorders - as in, you buy it now and it ships when the second print run goes through. That's helpful, because then we know how many to swipe from the publisher, but not required.

If you've read THE COLD ONES, please spread the word! Blog, Twitter, Facebook. Tell people! I'd love to get real buzz going on this one. It's a short novella, but so was ENDER'S GAME when Orson Scott Card first wrote it. I had a blast playing with my team in THE COLD ONES, and I'm thinking seriously about prequels with the same characters. They were so much fun to torment.

A special thanks to my editor, Tyree Campbell, and the gang at Sam's Dot. They made a wonderful, shiny book out of my little novella. I couldn't be more pleased with its quality and layout, and the cover art by Mitchell Davidson Bentley is simply wonderful. I got the chance to meet Mitch at the show and personally thank him for his work.

As always, I thank you for your support and your continued readership. Without you guys, I'm just talking to myself.


  1. AWESOME!!!

    I miss y'all, but sacrifices must be made. I raised a pint (or three) to you and crew over at Archon!
    So glad to hear you sold out your first printing! Huzzah!!

  2. That is awesome! I'm glad you've got a copy set aside for me. Now I've just got to get connected with you so that I can get ahold of it.


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