Dream Fairy has a plan

Okay, normal people do not have these dreams.

I dreamed that I met with an agent who had brokered a deal for another collection of short stories. She had everything in place, including a cover, and I had a week to get the stories together. "But I don't have enough short stories for a collection!" I protested, but she didn't care. "Write them," she insisted.

Then I talked Steven Shrewsbury into writing the introduction on the horror short story as an art form, probably because my subconscious is still intimidated by Shrews' 350 published stories. Dream-Shrews was very agreeable. Less agreeable were nameless editors I was contacting to get rights back to some of my short stories so they could be reprinted in this collection. Which is funny, because I actually have the rights to much of my stuff by now. I think.

I spent the whole dream in a panic attack about getting this thing together by my fictional agent's unrealistic deadline. When I awoke, I was relieved that I no longer had to meet said deadline... and disappointed, because I don't have the deal.

I think the Dream Fairy wants me to write that story about the man with the knife. Okay, okay! I can take a hint!


  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Dreadmire out 9 bucks as a PDF! and 16 bucks list. Pricey.


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