Pick an ad, any ad...

For reasons passing understanding these colors are all screwed up. Pretend the colors are normal.

I cannot make up my mind.


  1. The top one is what I was imagining in my brain (too bad my stylus pad is busted)...

    The bottom one though is really creepy - but the photo image isn't a swamp to me, it's a lake with a tree...


  2. top one...totally...

    and the funny part is the word verification for my comment is: dredro

  3. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Spellbinder games, right?

  4. Anonymous3:19 PM


    Some interesting talk about your new partner.

  5. MsWytche6:11 PM

    There's just one problem. "Spellbinder Books" is itself a work of fiction. The supposed parent company "Apotheosis Publishing" published its own address on the copyright page of "Dreadmire" as the address of a church in New Orleans that has been abandoned since Katrina.


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