Good news!

I'm happy to report ABADDON is a finalist for the Darrell Award!

This is my fourth nomination for the Darrell Award, with two wins. NOCTURNAL URGES was nominated and won for 2004. A MORE PERFECT UNION was a finalist for 2005. "Wonderland," a short story in SETTING SUNS, was nominated and won for 2006.

Now ABADDON. I am simply floored by the enthusiastic support of the Memphis fiction community for my work. It encourages me to keep inflicting vampires and evil computers on them. :)

I'll find out at the banquet at the end of the month if ABADDON wins. If you're in the area, please join us at Midsouthcon!


P.S. What? You haven't bought ABADDON yet? Good thing it's still available.