Abaddon musings

The editing process is actually a lot of fun for me, particularly when it's been three months since I last looked at The Beast. I'm still dissatisfied with the structure of ABADDON, but it's better than I remembered it.

Writing is always a struggle for me now. It's like I know the book in my head, I know what it can be, and what appears on paper always falls short of what I know it could be. That should make editing torture - scrambling to make the work match the book in my head, and always falling short.

But with enough distance - a minimum of six weeks - I can feel the book as though it's almost new to me. And there's a lot of good stuff here. It's not the book I wanted it to be, but it's damn close.

The only rough part, actually, is knowing how much is riding on this book. If it tanks, I'm screwed. Or at least skipping Go and failing to collect $200.

So I drown out the nattering voice chanting, "This book is important can't screw it up can't suck make it a good one or you're back to rejection slips and pounding your head against the wall" with the playlist of DOOM. The songs are so depressing. Perfect.

Meanwhile, check out the Barnes and Noble listing for NOCTURNE:


I think this may be the worst listing yet. Not only is it still listed as "Nocturne Urges" with no cover art, but the publication date is August 1906.

Gee, if I've been writing this long I ought to be good at it by now, eh?

In other news... Christmas merchandise is now available at the Cafepress shop! A Nocturnal Urges Christmas ornament of your very own! Also... The Evil Teddy Bear! Sans wings, since Cafepress doesn't offer them. It's so cute, so fluffy, so deadly! :) C'mon, you know you want 'em.