Local Appearance!

I am happy to announce that I am a confirmed guest at the Edwardsville Local Authors' Event, part of the library's 100th anniversary celebration! The Edwardsville Library will host local authors 2-5 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 20. We will all be set up at booths to sign and sell books and chat with readers.

This is the first appearance I have ever done in my own town. They say a prophet is not recognized in her own village, and my few attempts to set something up here in my town have not exactly taken off. I'm a tad nervous, folks.

It would mean SO MUCH to me if you local denizens would show. Drop by and say hello. I might even have NOCTURNE copies on hand (because I know you've all bought SETTING SUNS already, right?). I figure after it's over, we can all go to dinner together or something.

Flunkies appreciated but not necessary. I can probably handle the wild crowds of Edwardsville on my own. Dragoncon, on the other hand...

P.S. Got the sales reports for TANDEM. THANK YOU ALL. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Still available on ellorascave.com, if you haven't picked it up! C'mon, it's only $2.99.