New publications! (not mine for once)

Rock Us All Down (Torquere Press) by my dear friend Angelia Sparrow!

Once Upon a Time...
Rapunzel and Medusa fell in love.

$1.99. What a deal!

Official Blurb:
Once upon a time, Medusa and Rapunzel fell in love. That's the premise of this legendary tale. Fusing the Rapunzel and Medusa legends, author Angel takes what could be a really bad hair day and makes it an erotic lesbian myth.

Medusa is a priestess. Rapunzel is a witch. They come together and apart while the world changes around them, living the lives of those cursed, and blessed, by the Gods. Can they find the balance they need to keep their love alive?

"A Night In Electric Squidland" (Lone Star Stories) by the brilliant Sarah Monette!!
And it's FREE.

"Sleeping Beauty, Indeed" (Torquere Press), an anthology including "Undertow," a story by the terrific Meredith Schwartz!

$5.95 at

And that's just this weekend, folks. I continue to be amazed at the productivity and creativity of the writers I am lucky enough to call friends. Brava, ladies. Everyone go forth and buy.

Just save a few bucks for TANDEM, okay? A week from Friday!