Sequential Tart has reviewed SETTING SUNS... and loves it.


A few choice excerpts:

"A number of the stories are set in Donald's Sanctuary setting, which makes me curious to read more from it — and normally I don't even like Evil Alien Takeover-type stories. These stories are almost cruel to the reader, giving you a taste that leaves you pining. Donald, if you're reading this, I particularly would like to see more of the characters in "Memoir" (though that desire goes directly against the wisdom offered in your author notes in that story; I don't want to let Tony go!)That story, about one woman's dealings with the aliens, and the technology that helps her through it in a most unexpected way, is definitely among my favorites from the collection."

"It usually takes a lot to sell me a short story, especially when it comes to sci-fi or horror, and extra-especially when stories are tragic (as those genres tend to be). But Donald has two things in her favour: she's clever (I enjoy a good twist) and her short stories are not strictly bizarre, symbolic, stream-of-consciousness pieces with no point to them. Not to say that none of the stories have any bizarre, symbolic, or stream-of-consciousness elements, or that it's bad that some do (it's definitely not), but I consider it a plus when I get to the end of a short story and have actually understood what has happened in it."


And yes, this reinforces the ongoing plea from my readers that I need to get the SANCTUARY series out there but yesterday. If they like the stories, they'll love the book.