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I'm glad to report that NOCTURNAL URGES and A MORE PERFECT UNION will finally see print this summer!

The two books will be combined into a trade paperback release from Cerridwen Press, titled NOCTURNE. It's set to come out in late summer or early fall, and when I get a more definite date you'll all know, believe me.

You folks know how much time, effort and affection has gone into the Nocturnal Urges series. As I'm working on the third book - sex-free, I'm afraid, too much death and destruction for a romance - I'm struck by how much this little world has grown in my imagination. Before Nocturnal Urges, most of my mind lived in the Sanctuary universe, with little forays into horror sideshows. Now I switch between my oppressed slaves and my lusty vampires with equal sadistic delight.

So, you say: Why should I buy NOCTURNE? After all, I'm a devoted Elizabeth Donald fan and I already bought the ebooks!

For several reasons. First, a print book is always going to be better than an ebook. I believe in ebooks. I believe in their possibilities for giving new authors their first shot and allowing small presses to take risks they wouldn't ordinarily take. But there's something about holding a book in your hand that makes the world it contains more real, more solid.

Second, because I can't sign an ebook for you. And if you buy NOCTURNE, I'll happily sign it for you and make it - heh - more valuable. Bring it to one of my public appearances, or mail it to me and I'll sign it and ship it back to you. All I ask is the shipping costs - I'm just a poor working author.

Third, because if you love the Nocturnal Urges series half as much as I do, you have to vote with your dollars. That goes for all small press, not just my books. Vote with your dollars. If NOCTURNE doesn't sell, there may not be an INFERNII, or the books I have planned beyond it. Want to know what happens with our denizens of Memphis? Buy the books!

How do you vote? You start at your local Borders, and there is a plan of attack. Yes, it's important to patronize your independent bookstores, but they'll buy what they want to buy no matter what. Borders orders by region, and if they start getting requests, they'll order the books.

When the book is out, you attack. They don't have the book? Ask them when they'll be getting it in. Borders has a deal negotiated with Ellora's Cave/Cerridwen, so they all carry the books. Which books they choose, however, depends on YOU. Ask!

So the book is on the shelf. Ask the clerk where it is. What, you know where it is? Doesn't matter. Ask the clerk. That's the only way they know people want the book.

Where will it be? They're going to put it in the Romance section. You and I both know it belongs in horror. There's no more sex in NOCTURNE than in your average Laurell K. Hamilton, and have you ever read the original DRACULA? Victorian steam, baby. But for some reason, all EC/Cerridwen books end up in Romance regardless of genre.

Defy authority! Move the books!

Put NOCTURNE in horror where it belongs. If there's no horror section (GROWL), find where they've put Laurell and put NOCTURNE there. Turn it face-out instead of spine-out so people can see the cover.

And, of course, buy the book. Buy it from Borders. Buy it from Cerridwen. Buy it from Amazon. Buy it from me. Okay, you only have to buy it once, so pick one. But wherever you buy it, go to Amazon and write a review extolling its virtues. You love the book! It's a great book! All should buy this book!

This plan of attack applies to all small-press books, folks. The one exception: whenever you can, buy direct from the small-press publisher. Amazon takes an ungodly percentage of book sales - on the order of 70 percent - and it kills small press. Buy direct for the same price and the money stays with the people who wrote and published it. But however you buy... BUY.

But not yet! NOCTURNE is months away. Holding pattern, folks. Lie in wait. Then we will attack.

In the meantime, you can always buy SETTING SUNS. Or explore the wonderful small-press books out there that get no love from the top-ten lists of Check out Barri Bumgarner or Jeff Strand's new books. Buy something from New Babel Books. Attend a con and buy from the authors trying to pay for their hotel rooms with book sales.

Tired of the same nine chick-lit books being recycled by New York? Vote with your dollars, folks. Just save a few for NOCTURNE.


  1. Be sure to remind us of this plan of attack when the book is actuall out. I have a mind like a sieve, sometimes.


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