I've started a new book.

It's the third book in the NOCTURNAL URGES series, and so far I'm more excited about it than anything in years. It's the book that will transition the series out of erotic thrillers into straight horror. And we're starting with a bang. Literally.

It occurs to me that I really should be recording my thoughts as I work on this book. Here's what I've done to date:

1,460 words

Got through the prologue. Don't like it. Will fix later.

Got into the Christmas party. Loved it. Everyone's dancing. Everyone's happy. Hail hail the gang's all here. It helps to have smart family - I needed Ryan to reference some kind of music popular at the end of the nineteenth century, but not fussy parlor music that he (as a member of the vampire underclass) would not have heard much. So I called my mother, classical music professor as she is, and within an hour she had half a dozen suggestions. Thanks Mom.

For the record, when Ryan dips Isabel before the fireplace, the Rolling Stones are singing the third verse to "Paint It Black": No more will my green sea turn a deeper blue... I could not foresee this thing happening to you...


TUESDAY, NOV. 29 (lunch)
3,166 words

I spent my lunch break working on INFERNII. I'm really having fun with the Christmas party. These guys write themselves. And Ryan surprised me. I didn't expect what he was going to give Isabel as a Christmas present, but it's really in character.

And it's soooooo sweet. Those two are adorable. So are Danny and Samantha. Parker and Chapman. And poor Freitas is dateless. *snicker* She and Fradella are still on the outs. Still, everyone's so happy, and when I get back to it tonight, they'll hoist a glass of egg nog.

Too bad the party's almost over.

Wow, I'm having fun again. I forgot what this was like. The jumpy, excited wow-this-is-fun feeling between stomach and heart.

(nighttime) 3,971 words


(lunch) 5,176 words

I've covered too many fires. That came too easily. I really love these working lunch breaks - god, only 40 minutes. It's so much nicer to write when I'm, y'know, awake.

Poor Freitas. I owe her an apologia.

And Fradella is a good guy.

(nighttime) 6,221 words

Ryan just keeps surprising me. What he asked of Samantha... ouch. I hadn't even thought of that. I had thought of this primarily as Samantha and Freitas' book, but it's turning into Ryan's book, at least at first. His friendship with Samantha is something rather tricky. And Danny's going to have issues now.

I don't know if anyone's going to enjoy this or I'm just amusing myself, but damn.

Now I'm going to sleep. I promised myself I will not work past 1 a.m. while working on this book. I still have a day job to survive.